Liong Hup Soon Trading

Committed to contribute to the environmental well-being of Singapore

A collector of plastic waste materials in the industry for over 30 years. Liong Hup Soon is committed to contribute to the environmental well-being of Singapore by providing our waste management expertise and explores with our clients ways to improve the recovery of recyclable from their waste.

We will study the waste generated by our client and come out with recycling program to segregate the recyclable at site as much as possible. If not, we would bring back the waste to our recovery centre for further recovery of recyclables. By using our latest multi-stage extrusion technology, the wastes are 95% sorted accordingly and the assigned wastes are automatically grind/ wash and transfer into the Extruder for re-processing and re-pelletized into pellet form.

Our Vision

To maximize the recovery of recyclables from waste materials so as to significantly reduce the amount of waste.

Our Company History

It has been a long road to success since 1980

Started in a small farm- 1980

Big ideas start at small places

Liong Hup Soon started out as a ‘karung guni”(rag and bone services) provider. The team of two operated from an attap hut in a farm located at the then Lam San Village (now Choa Chu Kang District). In 1982, Liong Hup Soon Trading Pte Ltd was incorporated and relocated to Kampong Chai Chee.

The beginning of an era

We’re on the right track

In 1985, business is getting on track and it was also the beginning of an era where Liong Hup Soon Trading started to collect plastic material only for re-process purpose and export to Malaysia after processed. Due to business expansion, we have relocated to multiple places, included Lim Chu Kang, Jalan Papan and Kian Teck, before finally settled down on the current site at Fan Yoong Road in 2004.

Global domination

Our second generation leaders

After 30 years of hard work, with the helps and contributions of our long serving staffs, we have become who we are right now. Headed by Mr. Jackson Ong and Mr. Poh Tian Chiong, the second generation leaders, our products are now exported to China, India Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong, on top of the very initial country, Malaysia.

Our Certification

Our License