Our Services

Reclaimed, Recycle & Reprocessed

Our services include reclaimed, recycled and reprocessed plastic waste into value-added pelletized resins called Repro. These wastes are collected mostly from post-industries like plastic-injection molding factories and industries waste-disposal collectors which consists mainly of electronics/ computers parts (ABS, PC, HIPS, GPPS, LCP, PPS, PS, PE. PMMA, Nylon, POM) and packaging PE films (HDPE, LLDPE/ LDPE). By using our latest multi-stage extrusion technology, the wastes are 95% sorted accordingly and the assigned wastes are automatically grind/ wash and transfer into Extruder for re-processing and re-pelletized into pellet form. This Repro is then tested and packed according to customer’s stringent specifications and stored in our warehouse ready for delivery.

Our Workflow:


The wastes we collected are mostly from post-industries and industrial waste-disposal collectors. We will study the waste generated and come out with a recycling program to segregate the recyclable at our site.


Wastes are crushed before proceed to our latest multi-stage extrusion technology.


Recycled plastic are compressed using our Balers into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.


By using our latest multi-stage extrusion technology, the waste are 95% sorted, grind/ wash and re-processed/ re-pelletized into pellet form.

Some of the Plastic Waste We Have Reclaimed